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Chi-Kwan Yen, M.D.

Dr. Chi-Kwan Yen is board certified in Nuclear Medicine and has been the Nuclear Medicine Medical Director at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose since April 1995. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Yen attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he completed a residency in Nuclear Medicine. Dr. Yen brings an excellent education and more than 30 years experience in Nuclear Medicine. He has been involved with PET imaging since it’s inception and has extensive clinical experience with PET/CT imaging. Dr. Yen partners with Dr. Almeida in providing expert PET/CT imaging services at Phoenix Molecular Imaging.

Angela Dagirmanjian, M.D

Dr. Dagirmanjian  is a board certified diagnostic radiologist and neuroradiologist with Phoenix Medical Imaging Group in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in musculoskeletal and body imaging. Previously, Dr. Dagirmanjian worked at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

Melissa W. Jung, M.D.

Dr. Jung is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with a neuroradiology fellowship at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brian D. Wadley, M.D.

Dr. Wadley is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with interests in general radiology and breast imaging.

Phoenix Medical Imaging Group

Blake A. Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.R.

Dr. Johnson is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with a neuroradiology fellowship at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Before joining CDI in 1997, Dr. Johnson was chief of neuroradiology at David Grant Medical Center. He also served as assistant clinical professor of radiology at the University of California, San Francisco.

Patrick Millerd, M.D

Dr. Millerd, is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist with fellowships in Body and Womens Imaging at Mayo Clinic.

Randy Silberman, M.D

Dr. Silberman, is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist with Phoenix Medical Imaging Group in Phoenix, Arizona, working as a body imager and musculoskeletal radiologist since 1997. Previously, she worked as a general radiologist in California and Chicago, and has worked as a musculoskeletal radiologist with numerous sports teams since 1987 to present.

Dr. Fabio Almeida MD

Medical Director

Dr. Almeida graduated top of his class and with honors from The Chicago Medical School in 1991. He completed a residency and fellowship in Nuclear Medicine at the University of San Francisco and is certified by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine and the Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology. He was in academic practice at the University of California, San Francisco and private practice until 2005.

Dr. Almeida is one of the pioneers in the development and implementation of cross modality fusion for cancer imaging (SPECT, PET, CT and MRI) and PET/CT. He also worked for the Centers for Disease Control after 9/11 for several years as a physician and informatics specialist consultant.

In 2005, Dr. Almeida joined the University of Arizona, where he was Assistant Professor of Radiology & Radiation Oncology, and subsequently served as the Director of Nuclear Medicine for the UofA Medical Center in Tucson until 2010. While at the UofA, Dr. Almeida lead the creation of the first combined PET/CT imaging program in southern Arizona and established the routine integration of PET/CT imaging into radiation oncology planning. He expanded the program through advanced telemedicine PACs systems to other Arizona and California cities. He has authored and participated in several publications in radiology, oncology and information science.

As medical director of Phoenix Molecular Imaging / Phoenix Medical Imaging Group and Yuma Regional Hospital Cancer Center PET/CT, Dr. Almeida oversees clinics in Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson, providing his extensive clinical expertise in PET/CT imaging. He continues his research, focused on applied medical informatics with emphasis on imaging and networking systems, optimization of fusion technology and volumetric tumor assessment for radiation therapy planning. He actively participates in several oncology and neurologic clinical trials and is the principal investigator for a novel Carbon-11 PET agent for prostate cancer imaging.