Why Support Our Research?

While efforts to advance our understanding of prostate cancer are proceeding at a record pace, we have more new areas to investigate than we have resources to pursue them. Financial support is needed to continue these efforts.

Some people give donations directly and some leave money as a bequest. Each donation helps us explore new avenues of research, and each is a poignant reminder of the human cost of this disease.

Importantly, this private giving has provided us with the opportunity to make real advances in our understanding of prostate cancer imaging and it has provided critical support to our investigations. Those of you wishing to support our prostate cancer research may do so by visiting AMIFund.org, a charitable foundation which supports our work. 

Honor Gifts

Giving a donation in honor of someone whose life and accomplishments you wish to celebrate is a meaningful way to honor them. Your gift reflects your desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, just as your honoree has done for you. This is also an excellent way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or retirement with a gift in their honor.

Prostate Cancer Awareness and Research Support Programs

Phoenix Molecular Imaging, AMIFund.org and The Prostate Cancer Research Institute are proud to team up to support the Prostate Cancer Awareness Vintage Race Team. The program supports prostate cancer awareness at the Grand Prix of Scottsdale and at various car events through out the year - with our motto "Start your engines, but first check under the hood", we aim to help spread the word about prostate cancer screening, advanced imaging techniques and treatment options.  The November 2016 event was a tremendous success! We won the race!  Please see the article in Arizona Driver Magazine written by Xan Oakley of the PCRI.org

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